Monday, 29 September 2008

II ELT Annual Conference at the British Council – Bilbao

Interesting, fruitful and nice morning that of last Saturday in Bilbao. BETEA, TESOL Spain and the British Council combined their positive energies to make this second ELT Conference a success and I think we got it.
More than 150 teachers from all educational sectors took part in the event.
Lui Garcia Gurrutxaga’s talk about New Law and Competencies had a big attendance and raised not only the interest of the listeners but also many questions. So intense was the session that Lui got short of time and the talk went on (thanks to Barbara and her efficiency) in an adjacent spare room for the next hour.
We must add that not only the talks were a great success but also the other sections of the morning: material and ideas’ swap, book exhibition, etc.
We would like to thank Anne Lennon for her support and the new director of the British Council Bilbao, Simon Creasey , wishing him that we enjoy his stay in the Basque Country.
More information in the following web address:

Itziar Hormaza
Bizkaia Vice-President

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Hi again!

Dear friends,
The event on september the 20th is near and we rally hope to see you there.
On the other hand the meeting of the committee on the 8th is postponed.
All the best
Lui García Gurrutxaga
BETEA President

Friday, 13 June 2008

BETEA Committee Meeting

Last Wednesday, June 11th , BETEA committee members met in the British Council's headquarters in Bilbao.
The agenda was to review the activities carried out during this school year and to start planning next year, so here you have an advance for the 2008/09 schoolyear:

  • BC, TESOL & BETEA Teachers' Day, September 20th
  • Teachers' Associations Annual Meeting in the British Council, Madrid,
  • TESOL, Seville March 2009 : We will send a speaker
  • APPI (Association of Portuguese English Teachers )Conference, May 2009: We will send a speaker
  • VIII BETEA's Teachers' Day: probably in January 2009
  • General Assembly : January 2009
  • We want also to optimize the use of the blog and offer some kind of language advising scheme for our memebers, we will develop this idea and present it in the Teachers' Days and General Assembly.


Lui García Gurrutxaga

BETEA President

Monday, 9 June 2008


The British Council Bilbao, in collaboration with TESOL and BETEA Teachers Association, is pleased to invite you to our Second Annual Teachers’ Conference on Saturday 20th September from 9:00am to 2:30pm (registration opens at 8:30).
We hope to repeat the success of last year’s event by offering quality sessions covering topics of interest and relevance to our colleagues in the English teaching profession with sessions focussing on Infant, Primary, Secondary, Adult, Business, Exam and CLIL classes.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Monday, 26 May 2008


Last Saturday, May 24th, 20 or so teachers came to the talk organised by BETEA to introduce to Basque English Teachers a British Council Project to work on English contemporary Literature in the classroom, called BritLit.
The speaker was Verrisimo Toste , one of the teachers involved in writing materials for BritLit.
In 3 hours Verri not only explained what BritLit is about, but also talked about reading with learners and gave teachers very useful tips to foster reading in the classrooom environment.
The evaluation of the session has been very good with teachers willing to attend more events like this.
Next appointment: September in Bilbao , a British Council, BETEA and TESOL organised training scheme.
See you there and meanwhile have an excellent and well deserved summer holiday.
Lui García Gurrutxaga
BETEA President

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


May 24th 10:00- 13:30
Donostiako Berritzegunea G01
Villa Fátima,
Atarizar Bidea
Ategorrieta, Donostia

BritLit: Authentic Stories in the Classroom


Overview of BritLit Project
BritLit Website

Coffee Break

BritLit: Authentic Stories in the Classroom

Exposing learners to authentic texts in English is motivating. It encourages independent acquisition and learner autonomy. BritLit is a British Council project whose aim is to help teachers from around the world to exploit English literature in the ELT classroom. You can find a range of materials based around the works of various authors. BritLit resource packs contain complete texts, tasks for students, teachers’ notes, as well as audio recordings of interviews with the authors and readings from the texts. This session will explore how teachers can use BritLit to motivate their students to read authentic English at any level.12:00-13:30Hands-on materials’ session