Thursday, 13 September 2007

Back again!

Back again!.
A new schoo year is a new opportunity so here we are again ready to start work again.
September the 29th BETEA is in Bilbao with the British Council and TESOL for a conference, so if you are planning to attend the meeting, please contact us. We'll be delighted to welcome you as a new member or simply to chat with you.
All the best and see you there
Lui García Gurrutxaga
BETEA President

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Report on VI BETEA Teachers’ Day

Hi again,
Tim has written a very comprehensive report on the Saturday February 3rd session in Bilbao.
Keith Kelly has published it in, one of the best CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) web sites and resource centers.
Thanks to both of them , and if you clik the link below you will go straight to it.
Tim Herdon
All the best
Lui García Gurrutxaga
President of BETEA

Monday, 5 February 2007

Thank you

Hi to everyone,
Just a brief note to thank all the participants in the event last Saturday February 3rd.
To all of you that sacrificed part of your weekend to be with us in La Bolsa.
To the speaker, Tim Herdon for an enjoyable and very interesting work shop on Linking Science & Literature.
To Michael King, Director of the British Council Bilbao, for his support and kind words on Saturday and last but not least to alll the committee members that worked very hard to make this possible.
Looking forward to seeing you in further BETEA events
All the best
Lui García Gurrutxaga
President of BETEA

Monday, 8 January 2007

VI BETEA Teachers' Day

Dear friends and colleagues,

After 5 years of silence BETEA is back!.
We have organized the :VI Betea Teachers’ Day on February 3rd 9:30- 13:30 in the Centro Cívico La Bolsa Eraikia in Bilbao. (See enclosed leaflet).

We are also aiming to renew and enlarge our membership base so we are enclosing a membership form and would like to encourage you to become a member if you have not been one before.

Hoping to seeing you in Bilbao on February 3rd .
BETEA’s best wishes for 2007.

BETEA is back !!!!!!

Can you think of a BETEA way to spend your Saturday morning?
Come and bring a friend!

VI BETEA Teachers’ Day
February 3rd 9:30- 13:30
Centro Cívico La Bolsa Eraikia
Calle Pelota Kalea
Sponsored by The British Council


Linking Science and Literature (Tim Herdon)
11: 00-11:30
Coffee Break ( Courtesy of the British Council)
11:30- 13:00
Linking Science and Literature (Tim Herdon)
13:00-13:30Hello Yellow Theatre Group

Abstract: Linking Science with Literature

Linking hands-on science experiences to children’s literature has a beneficial effect in building skills in both curricular areas. Interest in both science and reading increases substantially, and knowledge of science content and reading skills are mutually reinforced.

In this talk we will look at the concepts of balance, gravity and centre of gravity. We will look at the implications of these concepts from the points of view of scientific enquiry and a story for children. It will be a hands-on session in which we discuss ways of linking literature with science. We will also build balancing devices with different materials to explore the concept of balance and the variables affecting balance. The activities will be most relevant to 10 – 14 year old children.

Biodata: Tim Herdon

Tim Herdon has a degree in Modern Languages (French and Italian), and a Masters Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Reading University. He has twenty-two years experience in teaching, training, school management and writing teaching materials. For much of his career he has taught English in England, Spain and Japan, working in both private and public education. From 2001 to 2005 he was director of the American School of Valencia, a PreK – 12th Grade school offering a fully bilingual education. Recently he has worked on CLIL training projects in England, at the Norwich Institute of Language Education (NILE), and in Spain. He is based in Valencia, and now works as a freelance education consultant.

Please confirm your attendance by January 31st: